26 October 2004

By Kathy Conlan

Today we were supposed to fly to Cape Chocolate so I was confident that there would be so much to tell about our adventure that writing about our day would be a breeze. But I forgot about McMurdo’s “Hurry Up and Wait” principle, which took effect the hour we were to arrive at the helo hangar’s Pax Terminal this morning. Winds and snow rolled in, first obscuring the other side of the Sound and quickly progressing to white out even our route out of town. After phoning in at hourly intervals and being told that we were on standby, Elizabeth and I decided that we would interest ourselves in a tour around town in search of McMurdo art. From the outside, McMurdo looks like a dull construction camp full of ageing dingy buildings interspersed with USAP’s attempts at sprucing up appearances.

McMurdo view from the carp shop

But take a closer look, and there’s humanity’s touch wherever you go, with a good sprinkling of humour. Here’s a sample of what Elizabeth and I found!

Lets see the next day!