24 October 2004

Today started out with the usual, early wake up, no breakfast, and diving…..errrr. not really. Today we had the day off (Sorry Aaron!)

We woke up late and had a huge breakfast. I limited myself to one Belgian waffle with whip cream and strawberries on top. The whip cream was between the strawberries and the waffle as that greases the waffle and allows easier allocation of the berries to each bite (as I learned last week from one of the experienced McMurdo personalities.) A cinnamon role and some crepes finished off the meal, not to mention the usual coffee and water. The usual Atkins breakfast. The secret to warmth in the Antarctic is not fancy polar fleece, expensive down, nor windstopper anything, but plain and simple fat. If it is on ones body the warmer although less in vogue so in ones stomach is the best. Any explorer in this region has used the power of butter and chocolate as the secret of survival and when that is the solution there is no reason to buck tradition. Against my goals my meal was dwarfed by others around the “table of lard intake” although I am trying to increase my meal size. The amount of calories we burn down here is somewhere on the order of 4,000 – 6,000 a day. We eat and need to eat a lot.

We then headed out along the Castle Rock loop trail which is a seven mile hike.

Shortly after leaving McMurdo we started to get awsome views of the mountain ranges across the sound.

 This "Safety apple" is here in case the weather turns inclement  while on this hike.

Some of the food in these huts is more than a little frozen.

While Mike takes pictures Jenn flips for joy and warmth.

Sherpa Jenn

The top of the climb

Jenn gets tired of the constant slapping of shutters.

Every Sunday there is a presentation by a science group to the general public. Today we heard from Elizabeth from our group. She talked about not only the experiences she has had with us but also about bringing science into the classroom, for her meaning 7th grade, and giving students an introduction to what science is. It was a great talk with the highlight some very pointed and funny quips at Rob Robbins. Rob,although we thought he was our friend, turned on us to join the enemies bowling team as talked about by Stacy, on the 22nd of October.

Then like any good team we celebrated with a quick round of shuffle board. I still do not know what we were celebrating.


Lets see the next day!