By Stacy:

11 October 2004

Missing a Day –


In the third year of this project, it has become a tradition for me to write about the day that wasn't.  As we fly from California to New Zealand, we cross the international date line and suddenly are not in tomorrow, but in the day after tomorrow.  This year, the six of us miss October 11th.  We will get our lost day back when we return home and cross the date line the other direction – then we will have the same day twice in a row.  Most of us are used to thinking about changing time zones within the US, like the three hours difference between the east coast and the west coast.  We have flown a further four time zones west, crossing the arbitrary line that divides the western and eastern hemispheres.  We've also crossed the equator that divides the northern from the southern hemisphere.  Combined with the relaxation of sleeping in an upright position, the dehydration of a 15 hour plane ride and the nutritional abuse of eating airplane food for 3 meals in a row and it is no wonder that we are disoriented when we arrive!  It will take a little adjusting…


Backpacking just before leaving.

Backpacking with the dogs just before leaving.


And where am I supposed to sleep?


From just a backpack to all this all this paperwork.


The "goods" that nearly didn’t make it through – cookies from Mike's Mom!







Lets see the next day!