05 December 2004(a.k.a. Andrewís last update!)

Today was one of those rare days; sleep in, have a late breakfast, and go for a relaxing dive with only a little science on the slate.

We made the trek out to Cape Evans wall which is about an hour and a half by the fastest large track vehicles available (here.) When we got there we installed a solar panel (one of the last dive huts to get one) so we can leave something for those after us. This year there has been a big push for solar power rather than lugging batteries back or forth or running generators and wasting the ever needed fossil fuels. As such we have installed solar panels in almost all of the dive huts to run little fans that blow hot air on the holes, keeping them open.

The dive at Cape Evans is one of the most spectacular around. Large sponges and a glacier that continues underwater leads to a flat wall completely made of ice. It was Mikes first time diving here and he described it as probably the best dive of his life. This picture is what the glacier looks like above water. It looks similar bellow water except there isnít that pesky gravity to keep you stuck looking up at it.
We headed back just in time to miss dinner. We do make it to the Burger Bar where we consume mass quantities of burgers and fries. The first burgers we have had in close to two months. I canít say that I missed them that much but still enjoyed them at a nice finish to the day.

Tomorrow we pack and finish all the science stuff, finish the last experiments except for a few plankton tows, and return all the gear that we donít need until the last day.

Thanks for reading.


Lets see the next day!