4 November 2004

Hello all, this is Jennifer here writing my final update. While I am excited to get back to see family and friends, I am sorry to be leaving this amazing continent. This place is filled with wonderful adventures, beautiful scenes, humbling weather conditions, and amazing people. There is so much more to explore here, we have merely scratched the surface both above and below the water. I am very grateful for the chance to have experienced such a magical place. I don't have much to write so I thought I would include some photographs that will give you a better sense for the great people I have been working, eating, sleeping, diving, and laughing with for the past two months.

the master planner

the Canadian

the photographer

the master siever

the inventor

the teacher

and... the dive safety officer

the moat at New Harbor

the newly engaged couple

team dive

Elvis was spotted in the Antarctic?

all we need is some velcro and an LED light

where's the Pole?

ready to dive?

Mr. December

who said that I had to grow up?

the harshest continent in the world

are we lost?

slushy anyone?

I sure hope this is the last time we have to do this

I think we should go that way

can you breathe?

the Martians

Goodbye and thanks for reading

Lets see the next day!