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Students from our educational partners; Spring Hill School in Santa Cruz, CA, the Wednesday Club in Suisun, CA, Armijo High School in Fairfield, CA, and the Gustavus School in Gustavus, Alaska  will be sending questions to our research team while we are in the Antarctic. Questions and answers will be posted here - please check back! Elizabeth Gibbs, a teacher from Thompson Middle School in Newport, Rhode Island, and part of the ARMADA/TEA program, will also be sending educational updates to her class at http://tea.rice.edu/tea_gibbsfrontpage.html

Questions from the Wednesday Club, Suisun, CA

Penny Fisher writes:
Why is it hot chocolate that you drink so much of? What is in chocolate that is so beneficial to you in the cold?    Answer

Uzelle Williams writes:
What kinds of penguins and other birds have you seen?    Answer

Questions from Kendall Elementary School, Illinois

Kim Kalantzis' 5th grade, writes 3 questions.
Is it scary underwater? Is it pitch black?    Answer
Have you seen any weird/unusual creatures underwater?    Answer
Have you seen any penguins, and if so what kind ?   Answer

Gustavus School, Gustavus, AK

Do you have a decompression chamber of any sort available to you? If you did have access, how close is it at any given time and how long you would have to be in one if there was a situation that called for it. I suggested that it would probably depend on the situation, and they were wondering if you could give them a scenario.    Answer
We were reading all about the sediment sample gathering technique and we were wondering what type of data do you get from the sediment and how is it incorporated in the overall study.    Answer


Gustavus School, Gustavus, AK

Armijo High School, Fairfield, CA

The Wednesday Club, Suisun, CA